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Howto: list Asterisk contexts and includes

After all our discussions of asterisk contexts, you my be looking for a simple way to list all your asterisk contexts and their includes. Just type (or copy and paste) the following at you're Linux CLI:

asterisk -rx 'dialplan show' | \
awk -F"'" '
BEGIN {printf "digraph dialplan {\n";};
/^\[ Context/ {context=$2};
/^ Include =>/ {printf "\t%s -> %s\n",context,$2};
END {printf "}\n"}

(please note: there should be TWO spaces before the word Include)
After pressing enter, you will see something like this:

from-pstn -> from-pstn-custom
from-pstn -> ext-did
from-pstn -> ext-did-post-custom
from-pstn -> from-did-direct

Got a better way to list your asterisk includes? Show it in the comments!

Moshe Brevda, FreePBX Development Team

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