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Google Latitude being rolled in to Google+

After upgrading to version 6.12 of Google Maps a few weeks ago, I noticed that the shortcut icon for Latitude has been missing from my home ...


SSH Double tunnel: ssh via an ssh proxy

So your work place is extremely security conscious: they use alterante ports for ssh, only allow ssh keys, and have their firewall locked do...


IRCCloud+ - the missing feature set is trying to solve an interestring problem: staying online, all the time, when using the popular chat protocol irc. The proble...


Get the last item selected in a multi Select box [jQuery]

Lets say you have a select box and you want to limit the amount options that can be selected. And lets say you want to do that with jQuery. ...


New FreePBX looking better than ever!

The upcoming version of FreePBX, set to enter beta any minute now, has goten a fresh coat of paint - and then some. Click past the break to ...


Auto archive calls recorded by Asterisk in FreePBX

One of my greatest gripes with call recording in Asterisk/FreePBX has always been the mess left behind in the monitor directory. There is a ...


FreePBX 2.10 sneak peak: IVR's

As in any pbx, IVR's have always been an integral component of FreePBX. For the better and for the extremely annoying, companies have be...


Debugging FreePBX: the dbug() function

So, you've figured out the whole  bootstrap thing , and now you are starting to poke around and trying to write some stuff of your own. ...


RFC: Backup & Restore

There is a forum thread over at the FreePBX forums accepting comments, ideas, and suggestion for new features/improvements in the Backup &am...