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Google Latitude being rolled in to Google+

After upgrading to version 6.12 of Google Maps a few weeks ago, I noticed that the shortcut icon for Latitude has been missing from my home screen. I was kinda dissapointed, as I liked having one click access to stalk my freinds see where my friends are. Puzzled, I searched around the net. I was not alone - Android Police noticed it as well. AP theorized that Latitude is moving from Maps to Google+.

UPDATED: added more screenshots!
Now, we have solid proof that Latitude is indeed moving: Latitude is going to become a feature of Google+. This will hopefully bring stalking location sharing - from its current niche feature of Maps - to the masses.

Here are some strings from the Latitude page ( that will be used to migrate users:

This sounds like a promo (1st level dialog):

Hey, we've made some changes.
The changes are awesome, but we need to upgrade how you share!
Don't worry, we won't change things unless you let us.

And this probably the actual Dialog box:
Hey, we've made some changes.
Sharing your location is now simpler with Google+ circles.
One thing: your friends won't be able to see your location until they upgrade.
And don't worry, we won't change who you're sharing your location with!
Just a friendly notice?
Upgrade to Google+, Google+ is required to see your friends on a map
Presumably aimed internally at developers...
Please downlaod the latest GMM build from bazaar. Open Latitude and migrate right from your phone. Press Done when you have finished.

Here is a screenshot of the code:

And then there is this:

Visiting the link didn't seem to do anything for me - let me know if you get different results!

So there we have it: Latitude it moving to Google Plus. Presumably this also means that sharing will be done at the circle level - allowing you to easily share/hide based on your circles. Maybe that will actually make circles useful for me!